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 Whistling Wings Kennel is a multi generational sport dog training operation with state-of-the-art facilities and grounds. We specialize in training programs for Waterfowl and Upland Game, Outdoor Adventure Companions, and General Obedience. Here at Whistling Wings our most valued objective is to provide you and your companion the highest level of training and team building experience to create that once in a lifetime dog. With over 50 years of family dog training philosophy to our leading edge veterinary care, we tailor each part of the process to you and your dog. Give us a call or email to set up a visit to our facilities. 



Whistling Wings Kennels ( WWK ) is located in North Alabama on 89 acres of manicured strip-cut fields, mature hardwoods, and engineered water sources to optimize the training of your Ultimate Sporting Dog. By using the family philosophy of Genetics - Environment - Training, we can develop the most well rounded family outdoor companion. With our low force, positive approach to training and using the formula of exercise, discipline, and affection we achieve the goals set in each program and your goals. 

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