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Obedience Course

Boarding Details and Pricing

In this 8 week course your companion will learn the basic skills needed to function in any setting from public access, family events, and outdoor excursions. Below is a list of the skills taught through this program:

  • Sit command both verbal and whistle

  • Recall command both verbal and whistle

  • Heel on lead and started with off lead heel

  • Place command

  • Kennel command

  • Crate training / house breaking

  • Formalized exercise for the outdoors

  • Group work around other dogs

And as in all our training programs, owner involvement is required every 2 weeks to see progression of your dog and learn the skill sets taught.

Boarding at Whistling Wings consists of a 30 x 50 enclosed area with inside & outside runs. Inside, your dog enjoys their own  5’ x 5’ secure kennel, while also having access to a 5’ x 5’ outside kennel. Equipped with special fans and heating systems, your dog's stay, anytime of the year, is comfortable and safe while visiting us. Our Open Air Kennel is for students in the Hunting / Outdoor Adventure programs, so they stay acclimated to the elements and adjust back to the hunting & training field. A 42 x 72 covered area keeps the dogs protected from the elements but able to pre-condition for the environment they train and work in each day. Each building has concrete flooring to ensure the cleanest environment for your companion, but also connected to a complete drain & septic system for the best sanitation.



                            Daily Boarding Rates:

  •  Daily Rate: $27.00

  • Each Additional Dog Daily Rate: $10.00



During boarding they experience run/play time in our airing yard once a day. Along with interactment with our staff each day of their stay.  Also each dog is bathed and brushed before returning home. Any additional walks or tune ups of previous training can be done at an additional cost. 



In this course, your companion will be given an evaluation to determine which goals can be set. This course offers 3 classes: Outdoor Adventure, Indoor Etiquette, Shed retrieval, Trailing Behaviors, and or Service Assistance skills. In the Outdoor Adventure course, your companion will be ready to join you and your family on any of your outdoor family excursions. This class teaches your companion to heel beside you whether you are taking a leisure walk, jogging on path, riding on a bike, or driving an ATV. Your companion will be trained to sit and stay in place while you enjoy an outdoor camp fire with your family and friends. Or while on a relaxing Sunday drive through the country, your companion will ride nice & quiet inside your open-air vehicle. This course also includes an indoor etiquette class that will provide you with a companion that is house broke, place trained, and crate trained. Another feature offered in this course is trailing behaviors. Your companion could be trained to locate objects such as game, sheds, downed deer, and people.



Waterfowl Training Course (6 Months)

Upland Bird Training (6 Month

In the Waterfowl Training Course, your sporting dog will be ready to run multiple marks, handle left, right, and back commands up to 125 yards from the handler, run short cold blinds and pattern blinds, respect other working dogs in the field, and be steady to birds both flushed and shot. Your trained companion will have completed picking up 25-35 shot birds, worked out of flooded timber stands, roll-top pit blinds and ground huts for field hunting. Also covered in this program is an extensive obedience level that allows you to enjoy your hunting companion in the home as well as in the field.

In the Upland Training Course, your sporting dog will be ready to pick multiple marks, steady to wing & shot, and quarter under control to flush game within gun range. Also run short cold blinds in and out of the dog’s quartering pattern. Your dog will be exposed to multiple game birds found during the upland hunt. This course also offers the same extensive obedience level to enjoy the dog in the home as well as on the hunt.  

As with all our training programs, we encourage owner involvement and recommend you visit at least once every 3 weeks while your companion is staying at Whistling Wings. If you are not able to visit every 3 weeks due to length of travel, we recommend 3 visits during the duration of your dog's stay. Each visit is about a day and a half of instruction. 


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"Being an avid deer hunter and shed hunter for years, I needed something that helped my success rate grow. After training at Whistling Wings, Diesel has raised it through the roof. The Whistling Wings staff do a fantastic job of developing a well rounded dog that follows commands and still has character. From great obedience in the home to hitting the field and raising our success!"

Christopher W. / Diesel (Shed Dog)

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