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 FTW Astraglen Frisk of Braacastle x FTAW Shangarrilyn Kel 

Pups due:  Jan 2024 - BREEDING DID NOT TAKE


FTW Dromard Duke x Drumgoose's WarToad of the Timber JH

Pups due: Feb 2024  -  Pup Delivery:  April / May 2024 

Color: Fox Red / Yellow


FTW Astraglen Frisk of Braacastle x Featherfly's Big Ol' Texas

Pups Due: April 2024  -  Pup Delivery:  July / August 2024

Color: Yellow / Black 

FTW Astraglen Frisk of Braacastle x Willow

Pups Due: July 2024  -  Pup Delivery:  Sept / Oct 2024

Color: Yellow / Black


FTW Ballyhome Nip x Annie

Pups Due: July 2024  -  Pup Delivery:  Sept / Oct 2024

Color:  Yellow / Black


More breedings to happen for the Fall of 2024

Whistling Wings offers the finest pups from the most selective parent dogs in the world. From Irish and Scottish genetics we have spent countless hours in research and on the ground training and running events to ensure we are passing along the most desirable traits sought after for your Ultimate Sporting Dog. Each Parent dog we select for our  breeding program has been checked for all health screenings: OFA or BVA Hip and Elbow, EIC, CNM, PRCD, PRA, SD2, and HPNK certifications to ensure your pup is strong and clear of any health issues as they join your family. We are about Quality not quantity and only offer selected breeding’s per year. This is to ensure we raise each pup as our own and give each pup the best possible socialisation and puppy head start before joining your pack at 8 weeks old.

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